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Possible Duplicate:
Keep SSH Sessions running after disconnection.

I have a process which is basically a web-server, I start it during an SSH session. However, when I leave the session (by closing the PuTTY windows), it stops running and responding to requests. This is true even if I end the command with a &. With Apache, I don't have this problem, it comes with a stop, a start, and a restart script. I'd like to create something like that for this program.

How can I start a process, so that it will continue running even after I end the SSH session I started it in? Also how can I set it to restart itself if it stops for some reason?


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Start it in a screen session.


Now start the process:


Then, detach the screen session with Ctrl+a d.

You can reattach to the screen session again by typing:

screen -r

If you have more sessions running you can list them with:

screen -ls
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You can make it a daemon (fork it twice or have it started by the system's init daemon) or for temporary stuff use screen.

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How do I do that? – Adam Jan 7 '11 at 21:56

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