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I've installed over 159 new fonts, all that were possible in Gentoo mirror.

But even then, gnucharmap doesn't have:

  • Arabic mathematical alphabet symbols 01ee00 1eebb
    • Arabic Extended-A ࢠ ࣾ
  • Chakma

    • Meetei Mayek Extensions ꫠ ꫠ
    • Miao 𖼀 𖾟
    • Sharada 𑆀 𑇙
    • Sundanese᮫ ᮭ ᮺ ᮿ (almost done)
    • Sundanese Supplement ᳀
    • Sora Compeng 𑃐 𑃹
    • Supplementary Private Use Area-B 􀀀 􏿽
    • Takri 𑚀 𑛉

    • Supplementary Private Use Area-A 󰀈 󿿽 (partially)

    • Rumi Numeral Symbols 𐹠 𐹾 (done)

  • Aegean numbers U+10100 - 1013F (done , code2001 font)
  • Avestan 10b00 010b3e (done)
  • Bamum supplement 016800 (done)
  • Brahmi 011000 01106f (done)
  • cjk unified ideogram extension (done)
  • cjk unified ideogram extension B (done) sunsim-extb.ttf font
  • cjk unified ideogram extension C (done) babelstonehan.ttf universalia
  • cjk unified ideogram extension D (done)
  • Carian (done)
  • Cuneiform (done)
  • Cuneiform Numbers and Punctuation (done)
    • Egyptian Hieroglyphs Enclosed (aegyptus , gardiner) -done
    • Kana Supplement 𛀀𛀁 done
    • Lycian 𐊀 - 𐊜 (done)
    • Lydian Letter A 𐤠 - 𐤿 (done)
    • Meroitic Cursive 𐦠 𐦿 (done)
    • Meroitic Hieroglyphs 𐦀 𐦟 (done)
    • Arabian 𐩠 𐩿 (done)
    • Old Turkic 𐩿 𐱈 (done)
    • Variation Selectors Supplement󠄀 󠇯 (done)
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According to http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/10100/fontsupport.htm the following several fonts support U+10100: Code2001, EversonMono (and EversonMono Oblique), MPH 2B Damase, and Penuturesu. Note that Code2001 isn’t where it used to be, but it can be downloaded from my Code2001 page. And you can add ALPHA-Demo and Quivira to the list.

Fileformat.info shows no support for U+1EE00, and I don’t know of any font that has it. The font used in the Unicode chart for the block is Uni1EE00Arabicmathsymbols (according to Adobe Reader), but I can’t find any info on it.

The situation looks similar for Avestan, Bamum, Brahmi – no support so far, in publicly available fonts.

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