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One can launch GUI programs, for example, gv or xpdf from vifm in background in vifm's command line:

 :!gv %f &

However, if gv is launched by pressing Enter on a file like aPSfile.ps in vifm, it blocks the vifm. Is it possible to run it in the background as well when it is launched this way? The following setup in vifmrc does not work:

FILETYPE=PS=ps,eps,epsi=gv &

My current solution is to run vifm in GNU screen. gv launched by pressing Enter will run in a new screen instead of blocking vifm. However, I'd like to save that screen as well...

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The vifm documentation explicitly covers this requirement:

:filet[ype] pat1,pat2,... [{descr}]def_prog[ &],[{descr}]prog2[ &],...
Space followed by an ampersand as two last characters of a command means running of the command in the background.

I have

filetype *.pdf apvlv &

in my .vifm/vifmrc and it backgrounds any .pdf files I open, allowing me to close out of vifm and have apvlv still open.

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seems my version of vifm, 0.4, is too old to have this build-in command. Thanks. I will update my vifm. – Jing Nov 8 '12 at 7:46

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