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I've used all the various applications out there to try and get my iPod shuffle (4th gen) to work on its own. I've got it playing tunes through VLC player and Music Player but when I try and play direct from the pod I get the dreaded 'please connect to iTunes' message.

Gnupod seems to have got the closest to doing the whole thing for me so here's what I've done (numerous times):

  1. Formatted the ipod to fat32
  2. run gnupod_INIT -m /media/IPOD
  3. Added a test track with gnupod_addsong
  4. run mktunes (with volume +40 in case the tune was playing but silent)
  5. umount /media/IPOD
  6. sudo eject /dev/sdc1 (shuffle light goes green)
  7. Disconnect shuffle from computer
  8. Try iPod stand alone and get no tunes but hear 'use iTunes to sync iPod'
  9. Consider ending it all...

The really annoying thing is that all the messages coming out from gnupod are of success, with one warning about the mount being case sensitive.

I've also run --fixit (but there's nothing to fix) and tunes2pod (but it's all up to date).

When the gnupod_INIT is run it creates numerous folders within the music folder. Is this right? Even a shuffle needs these folders? I think they are named F00 to F18 or something.

Please, someone, how can I get this to work? I feel it can be done and I'm so close.

Thanks in advance.

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