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Recently I've switched from Fedora 17 to OpenSUSE 12.2. I used to add my proxy from Network Settings>Network Proxy>Manual Method>Socks Hosts. But it doesn't work on openSUSE.

I get the following error in Chrome:

Error 120 (net::ERR_SOCKS_CONNECTION_FAILED): Unknown error.

Further more proxy setting at Gnome Config Editor is not applied at all.

I know that I can use proxy at software level (like firefox) but then I have to set the proxy for all of my application and some application doesn't support that.

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Go to 'Applications' tab at the right select 'System Tools' click on 'YaST' enter the root password and then you will find an icon 'proxy' click on it and complete the form.

Hope this help you.

greetz, Tony

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unfortunately yast's proxy doesn't support socks, but it works great with http and https! – neelix Nov 30 '12 at 9:22

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