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I love linux because I get control over my system. But I do herald from the school of mac, where things are simple, beautiful, and powerful. I like it that way, as opposed to having lots of knobs and levers and everything.

Does anyone know of a strong FTP client for linux that is in the vein of Panic's Transmit?

It's my choice FTP software in Mac OS, but I doubt I need to convince anyone here that I don't want to DEVELOP web apps in OS X. It's a pain, imo.

Currently I use Filezilla. It works fine. But it's UI is a mess, imho.

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Since you're using Gnome on Ubuntu, why not use the default file manager (Nautilus)?

Under Ubuntu 10.04, choose “Connect to Server” in the Places menu, select “Public FTP” or “FTP (with login)” as the service type, enter the server name and other parameters (you can define bookmarks in this dialog box too), and voilà.

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Nothing really comes close to Transit... but Nautilus isn't bad really, for most simple operations. – Kayle Feb 19 '11 at 4:36

I don't use FTP a lot, but when I do I use FireFTP - a firefox extension. It's small, light and does job well enough

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You could try gftp. It's a simple client but it does the job well.

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I'd actually recommend sticking with Filezilla. It's one of the most feature-rich graphical FTP clients on any platform, and the GUI is continually improving.

Installation on Ubuntu / Debian / Linux Mint is as simple as sudo apt-get install filezilla.

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