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I joined an email-list. I found it low-quality and I don't have time to follow their discussions. Then I informed the head to remove my email but they haven't done it. How can I can silence their emails with Procmail? It is some sort of email-list Envelope-to:personal@something.com. They send it from tiedotus@edistyspuolue.fi. How can I silence them, i.e. not to get their emails to fill my mailbox, not to bother me with their emails?

* ^FROM:.*@edistyspuolue.fi
* ^TO:personal@something.com
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To put all the messages in a dedicated folder, you can use this recipe:

* ^(From|Cc|To).*edistyspuolue.fi

Or you could compress it:

* ^(From|Cc|To).*edistyspuolue.fi
| gzip >> junk-tiedotus.gz

Or you can just trash it:

* ^(From|Cc|To).*edistyspuolue.fi
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":0: * ^(From|Cc|To).*edistyspuolue.fi OR * ^(To)tiedotus@myEmail.com tiedotus" is this possible? To filter out *.fi or .*myEmail.com? – hhh Nov 6 '12 at 8:09
@hhh your follow-up question doesn't make any sense, maybe post a new separate question with more details instead? – tripleee Jan 24 '13 at 11:15

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