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I am trying to install Pass: the standard Unix password manager, however, when I try to add passwords to the appliation I get these errors

gpg: Kelly's Passwords: skipped: No public key
gpg: [stdin]: encryption failed: No public key

GPG Public Keys?

When I type in the command gpg --list-keys I get:

pub   2048R/64290B2D 2012-11-05
uid                  Kelly Hays <hays.kelly@gmail.com>
sub   2048R/0DF57DA8 2012-11-05

I am a little lost of how to remedy this, any ideas?

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How did you create the password store? pass init "Kelly's Passwords"? If so, this is wrong, you should have called pass init 64290B2D.

And if then pass insert foo will fail with:

gpg: fooo: skipped: public key not found
gpg: [stdin]: encryption failed: public key not found

then you have to trust your own key first (gpg --edit-key 64290B2D, trust, 5, save).

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That totally worked, thanks. – Kelly Hays Nov 6 '12 at 3:20

With the same indications, if anyone stumbles across this issue, the solution may be bit different. Your pass is using gpg2 instead of gpg, you might have used to generate/manage your keys (or, vice-versa). Verify with:

bash -x $(which pass) insert foo
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