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I would like to do the following:

  • Press a macro combination
  • Enter a script of my own making (Python) which has user interaction (think: UNIX dialog utility for shell scripts)
  • Do some processing based on the dialog response
  • Run some other mutt macro based on the dialog response (e.g. if X, do Y; else do Z)

Is this possible?

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Yes, it's possible. The macro to run your script should be done like:

macro index X "<enter-command>source /path/to/your/command|<enter>"

Replacing index and X with the menu name and key that you want to use. Note the | after the command name.

In order to interact with the terminal, the script will need to reopen /dev/tty. The script can then send back to STDOUT muttrc commands to cause other actions. To run a macro you can send back push Y where Y is the key to which the macro is bound.

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