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The result of the following script:

results=$(find -iname "*.mp4")
echo $results;

is something like:

file1 file2 file3

How do I pass the results of the find command to a variable, as it is shown when I run the following command in terminal:

find -iname "*.mp4"

which prints:

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How do you want to use this result? – Mat Nov 3 '12 at 7:48
@Mat I want to pass the results to zenity --text-info – Omid Nov 3 '12 at 7:51
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Instead of doing echo $results do echo "$results".


The difference between the 2 is that in the 1st case echo receives many parameters and in the 2nd case it receives only one parameter. This is because variable substitution occurs before parameter parsing.

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Try this, an example on zenity lists, it read the result from find, and generate an array, then pass on to zenity:


while IFS= read -d $'\0' -r file ; do
    List=("${List[@]}" "$file")
done < <(find . -iname '*.mp4' -print0)

zenity --list --column "Item" "${List[@]}"
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