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Possible Duplicate:
How can I use the “mail” command?

I have mutt configured for CLI e-mailing. All's golden with the "this one just sucks less" client but...

I am now on a machine on which I can't install mutt at all, not even on my $HOME, so:

  • is there a way to use mail (/usr/bin/mail) to the same effect?

I Googled to no avail. Maybe it's because the term "mail" is not easy to "disambiguate" in a search?

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If google's not being helpful, search on the right corner directly here – warl0ck Nov 2 '12 at 2:24

Linux and Unix systems generally have /usr/bin/mail on the host. You can use mail (just run mail on the command line) to read/send mail.

If you need to mail files, you can:

cat file.txt | mail -s "subject" user@domain

If you need to mail large files, you can uuencode them as attachments:

uuencode file file | mail -s "here is your file" user@domain
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