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I. I want to do a simple graph from timestamp YEAR-month-day to valuation, not wanting to use spreadsheets. Is there some ASCII tool for it to see it on CLI? There are over 500k lines of data, and I want to see only a sketch of it like in Ascii:

|          *
|    *   *   *
|  *   *       *   *
|*               *
|----------------------> Timestamp

II. Then, I want to see allocation like in pizza slices:

        - - -
     -\       -
   -    \ World -
  - Food \ Index -
   -    /  \   -
     - /oil \-
        - - -

I know how-to-get grappy CSV data in Python but totally newbie in visualization:

import csv
csv_reader = csv.reader(open('data.csv', 'rb'), delimiter=';')
for row in csv_reader:
    # do something with row....

Before I do my own ASCII visualization thing, I want to know whether such thing exists. How do you visualize your portfolio in ASCII?

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Perhaps related here. – user2362 Mar 26 '12 at 21:01

Searching here you will find that gnuplot (in dumb terminal mode) has been suggested before.

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