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In my /etc/apt/sources.list if I add the path:

deb http://debian.meebey.net/pkg-mono ./

Can I view packages from this specific repository alone?

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You can examine the package list file(s) from that repository, they'll be in the /var/lib/apt/lists directory with names that start with the domain for the repository and end with _Packages.

It doesn't look like that repository supplies a Release file. If it did, aptitude has support for using the Origin specified by a release file as a search term. I have a Mint repository as a source in addition to the main Debian repositories, and I'm able to limit the packages that aptitude shows to just the ones from Mint by typing l?origin(linuxmint). But without a Release file, I don't know of a better method than just looking at the raw package list file.

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Be sure to perform an apt-get update prior to searching /var/lib/apt/lists. This directory on a brand new Nextthing CHIP was empty prior to performing the update. I also couldn't install any packages until I performed the update. – HeatfanJohn Feb 21 at 1:15

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