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While upgrading, I tried to add a package that was already there and due to some error, a partial package got created - partial-gnutls.

When I try to delete this partial package, I get these errors:

File /usr/local/share/locale/cs/LC_MESSAGES/pkg.qX9SMkCPZb does not exist                                                            
File /usr/local/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/pkg.Dfpr8PbT3X does not exist                                                            
File /usr/local/share/locale/en@boldquot/LC_MESSAGES/pkg.wIH7fQJbhK does not exist                                                   
File /usr/local/share/locale/en@quot/LC_MESSAGES/pkg.c8llMmPSGl does not exist                                                       
Read failed: Input/output error at /usr/libdata/perl5/OpenBSD/md5.pm line 59          

I checked the source code. It is some coe that adds a file into some data structure (most probably, it is finding out which files to delete) and it fails to do so because the file is no longer there.

How do I get rid of this partial package?

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