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Specifically regarding Java dependent packages, such as ant. Is it possible to install them via rpm, when using an alternate JVM/JDK? For example, If I install the Oracle JDK, can I use an ant package without installing OpenJDK? Is there anyway this can be done from an RPM?

I know I can specify which JDK to use, by executing update-alternatives --config java. Additionally I'm specifying a JAVA_HOME, which works as expected. The only available choices seem to be, keeping 3 different JDK's installed, or installing everything manually.

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Sure. rpm -i --nodeps will install the rpms without the dependency-check.

The more interesting question seems to be how to do this with yum.

If you can get the source-rpm of an alternative java, you might put an "Obsoletes jdk" into the spec-file...

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