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I'm using Cinnamon, but would like to remove all window decorations -- I never use them, they only cost screen estate, and moving / resizing can be conveniently done with alt-mouse1 and alt-mouse2.

Is there a way to achieve this?

EDIT: Clarification.

I am using Ubuntu 12.04 with a custom ppa providing Cinnamon. I switched from the default Unity/Compiz combo because Compiz in 12.04 is a painful regression, plagued by bugs, compared to the 10.04 version (see for example this bug). I got impatient waiting for correction of this and other bugs. I achieved the desired effect previously and on my 10.04 workstation with Compiz.

However, as I understand it, Cinnamon is using libmuffin, and not Compiz (correct me if I'm wrong).

I am quite happy with the Cinnamon interface, in especially as the effect I got used to (equivalent to the "scale" plugin in Compiz) works without glitches. Also, I would not like to change the distribution, as I got used to Ubuntu and was very happy with the 10.04 LTS. Getting rid of window decorations is the only thing that is still missing.

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Which distro is it? Cinnamon is being used further afield than for just LinuxMint. – Peter.O Oct 22 '12 at 17:45
As a matter of fact, this is Ubuntu, with the ppa gwendal-lebihan. – January Oct 22 '12 at 18:32
a possible duplicate of the above was posted: unix.stackexchange.com/q/290706/32012 – cipricus Jun 19 at 11:19
Wow, this question on Unix.SE seems to be left unanswered and abandoned for four years? Anyway, I have compiled known workarounds and posted my answer below. – clearkimura Jun 21 at 16:49

Cinnamon cannot disable or remove window decorations, according to this post on Ask Ubuntu and this issue on GitHub. The option to remove window decoration is yet to be implemented.

There are few workarounds for users to explore and try. I have compiled known workarounds by easiest, tedious and untested workarounds as below.

Easiest workaround

Reduce the font size for window title to minimum value. User can do this within Cinnamon itself, without installing anything extra.

Go to the System Settings, under Appearance category, select Fonts. Then under Font Selection, see the last option "Window title font". The default value is Sans Bold 10. Change the font size to the smallest value 1, click "Select" and done.

The window decoration is now set to minimal height. On my test machine running with 1200x800 (16:10) display at normal scaling, I checked the height is reduced by 6 pixels. See the following screenshot for comparison.

Cinnamon window title reduced comparison

This workaround will work for most users who want something simple and doable out-of-box.

Tedious workaround

Cinnamon window manager, Muffin, supports Xfwm4 and Metacity themes for its window decorations. This can be checked by looking into /usr/share/themes/THEMENAME directory and there will be either metacity-1 or xfwm4 subdirectory.

This answer from the post on Ask Ubuntu mentioned earlier, had suggested to edit the XML file of the currently used theme (Metacity). Change all non-zero values to zero or minimal value.

[...] You can edit


and set all non-zero value properties in the metacity-theme-1.xml (of course you need sudo, to edit something there. A backup is useful.) [...]

This workaround might work for those who wants more control by modifying the theme.

Untested workarounds

There are several utlity tools that have option to remove window decorations manually. Wmctrl, Devil's Pie and Devilspie2 are such tools that can remove window decorations for EWMH-compliant window managers.

This somewhat related post hinted that such utility tools will work in Cinnamon (thus also Muffin) with caveats. The first comment had mentioned using Wmctrl and Xdotool in Cinnamon, which seems to have conflict with Cinnamon built-in features.

Your command works pretty much exactly as my xdotool example above. It also deals with the same problems with the xdotool method: 1. It does not move the window if it is tiled/snapped. 2. It does not leave the window tiled/snapped in the end – TuxForLife May 17 '15 at 23:56

This workaround might work for those who wants more control by using configuration files, but requires trials and errors.

Related post on Unix.SE

I had written similar answer before; This post has my answer with details on how to use Devil's Pie and Devilspie2 to remove window decorations for GTK+ and Qt applications. This approach works regardless of desktop environment in use, although I have only tested in Xfce.


I don't use Cinnamon Desktop Environment on daily basis and just explored again recently for experience. I did not verify for "tedious workarounds" and "untested workarounds" because these are less convenient and will take some time to test. There may be better options in Cinnamon 3.0 or newer releases.

Tested using Cinnamon 2.2 in Linux Mint 17 (Live), which is based on Ubuntu 14.04.

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