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I have read URPMI from Mageia wiki but there seems to be no mention of how I can check the currently enabled media using urpmi command. There is urpmi.addmedia and urmpi.removemedia. So I tried doing urpmi.listmedia but it obviously isn't an existing command.

Any way I can check this? Do note that I don't have any X Windows installed so I need to do this via command line.

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Checking the file /etc/urpmi/urpmi.cfg works as @slafat01 mentioned.

There is also the command:

[user@localhost ~]# urpmq --list-media
...<list of media>...

From man urpmq

--list-media [type]
    List available media. You can optionally add a type selector: all will list all
    media (the default), update to list update media, or active to list only
    active media.
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The file you are looking for is /etc/urpmi/urpmi.cfg. If the file is not enabled, the entry will list 'ignore' as an option. If it does not state 'ignore', then it is enabled.

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