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While playing Nexuiz on my Ubuntu in fullscreen mode the volume control buttons on my laptop don't work at all, externally after minimizing the game increasing/decreasing the sound solves the problem but there is no in-game vol control?

Also when on headphones the game music plays on the laptop speakers as well as on the headphones!

What could the problem be? Is this a sound driver issue or x-org issue? its also happening with someone i know while playing Warzone2100 on Ubuntu 12.04.

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It works if you use acpid to listen for your XF86 volume key events, and use amixer to set the volume manually, but you need to disable the original volume key listener to prevent "double volume change"

As I only know about how this could work with xfce4-volumed, here I will only provide the ACPID handler script:

# Default acpi script that takes an entry for all actions

set $*

case "$1" in
        amixer sset Master 3+ # increase volume by 3%
        amixer sset Master 3- # decrease volume by 3%

You will need to find these part in your acpid script and put the axmier lines in.

Read this link for details

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