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There are eBook readers for Android, there's Okular for KDE, and stuff like that, but what I want, is an eBook (ePub format) reader for my normal Linux desktop.

I know there's Calibre, which goes way beyond being just an eBook reader, and theres FBReader, Which doesn't really work as of yet. Given that eBooks have been around for several years now, I'd assume, more software would've sprung up by now.

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Just to clarify, you probably mean "an eBook reader that doesn't require a bunch of KDE libs", right? Presumably one that's GTK-based but doesn't require Gnome libs would be fine. Presumably also one that's QT-based without being KDE-based. Not that I know of any beyond Calibre. The expression "for Gnome" just struck me as odd. – dubiousjim Oct 20 '12 at 12:40
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A couple of others are Cool Reader and AZARDI. Lucidor was another, but development stopped and the website is down (although you can still find the debs e.g. here). In my opinion AZARDI is the best of these.

Update: Lucidor seems to be back in development and its website is back online.

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Calibre comes with an application called E-Book Viewer. I just ended up discovering that after installing Calibre, and it's both light weight and supports most major formats.

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