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I'm trying to use xdelta3 to bring a remote block device into sync with a local one. I'm able to easily generate a xdelta3 patch file using the command:

xdelta3 -e -B 33554432 -v -9 -I 0 -s /dev/loop5p2 /dev/loop4p2 patch.xd3

However, when I try to decode on the remote system using the following command:

 xdelta3 -v -d -B 33554432 -s /dev/sda2 patch.xd3 /dev/sda3

…I get the following error:

xdelta3: non-seekable source in decode: XD3_INTERNAL

As I understand it, this is caused by not having a large enough buffer. However, my -B argument is equal to the creator of the patch. In fact, I can double that size and it still won't work.

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