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I'm asking as I've looked for such & can't find a comprehensive list.

Feel free to post any less-well-known rolling distros, but I'm really looking for a comprehensive list. I'm thinking of creating a Wikipedia page "List of rolling-release Linux distributions". If there's already a good list somewhere then would help produce a draft of the Wikipedia page. If there isn't such a list on the Web it highlights the need of gathering that information on a site where most people would look for it.

Wikipedia seemed to me like the obvious choice but suggestions of a better site [preferably, but not necessarily, a wiki] are welcome.

Please don't post Dev.-branches: eg Fedora-Rawhide, Mandriva-Cooker, OpenSuSE-Factory etc.

Also, please don't post the following rolling-distros as I'm already aware of them: Aptosid, LMDE, AnitX; OpenSuSE-Tumbleweed; Yoper; Foresight; PCLinuxOS; Unity; Arch, ArchBang, Chakra, Kahel; Gentoo & Sabayon; Lunar, Sorcerer, SourceMage.

If any I've mentioned aren't rolling do correct me. I know some might not call AntiX & LMDE rolling as Debian-Testing "cycles". I also know PCLOS & Sabayon can need to be reinstalled (eg when PCLOS re-forks the Mandriva base).

BTW I know there's a similar question asking "What distributions have rolling releases?" that was asked in August -- however it seems "inactive" and I'm really after a comprehensive list not the usual suspects.

[Please leave a comment if you want to help create such a list or email my user-name at gmail.]

PS If anyone objects to the question please post a comment so the moderator can choose whether to close it. I'm happy to re-edit the question if anyone wants so please let me know. :-)

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thanks for helping make Wikipedia better – Tshepang Jan 3 '11 at 18:36

Here's what I use to get information about Linux and BSD distributions: http://distrowatch.com/

Go to the Their search, while great, doesn't have a "rolling-release" option. I would suggest searching by the most recent Linux kernel version by selecting "linux" under their package search. The most recent version of any package is shown in parenthesis.

Searching for linux gave the following:

Arch Linux: current

Chakra GNU/Linux: 0.4-alpha2

Gentoo Linux: unstable, stable

Linux From Scratch: unstable

Lunar Linux: moonbase

Mandriva Linux: cooker

Parted Magic: 5.8

PLD Linux Distribution: 3.0

Sorcerer: grimoire

T2 SDE: snapshot

Zenwalk Linux: 7.0-alpha

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Thanks for your list. Searching by kernel ver. is a good idea! I should have thought of that!! :-) DistroWatch is my go-to as well BTW. I posted a comment on there suggesting indicating rolling distros + a search option. I might send an email to the maintainer to ask if he has any plans along these lines. DistroWatch is the obvious go-to and I think a lot of Linux users like to roll. My thought of producing a Wikipedia page is really a response to the lack of such on DistroWatch etc. If DistroWatch was a wiki I'd start a page on there. – Tuxalot Dec 30 '10 at 4:24
@Tuxalot If you need me to 'sign a petition' for DW to have a list of rolling-release distro's, give me a nudge at (my-username) @ gmail. I'll gladly sign :-) – pepoluan Apr 15 '11 at 21:07
@Tuxalot: Me too! If there is a place we can lean on distrowatch to add this let me know. I work as a developer on the PLD project and since we don't do releases we kind of fall off the map over there! I'm reachable through the site linked in my profile. – Caleb May 19 '11 at 9:02
What are you specifically interested in? Knowing that would go a long way towards scratching your particular itch. – vonbrand Jan 18 '13 at 2:00

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