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I find this a highly annoying "feature" on a wide screen monitor that my mostly used apps - terminal and gedit always open directly under the top-left corner of my screen and I have to drag them to my eye position each and every-time.

I have tried installing the CompizConfig Settings Manager and using the feature to position windows centre, but this has had no effect - the force feature here isn't working for me either:

Window Management -> "place windows" -> Fixed Window Placement -> Windows with fixed positions example: gedit 200 200 keep-in-work-area-to-yes

I can use e.g. gnome-terminal --geometry=140x50+50+50 for the terminal but this doesn't work for gedit.

Any ideas?


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The Compiz “place windows” feature works for me. It won’t work if you just use gedit, though. Try title=gedit: alt text

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It works for me as expected with Compiz and the Fixed Window Placement -> Windows with fixed positions set to:

Positioned windows: class=Gedit
200 200
keep-in-work-area: no
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