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I'm running Samba 3.6.8-1 on my x64 Arch Linux installation. I recently decided to have my samba share support NTFS's Alternate Data Streams by using streams_xattr or streams_depot. With streams_xattr I discovered that if I copy a file having an ADS from a Win7 box to my samba share, on the Linux console I can see the ADS as an xattr attached to the file. However when I copy the file back to my Win7 box using Windows Explorer, there are no ADS entries on it. This is not true if I use streams_depot.

Looking at Wireshark captured network traffic I see that in response to QUERY_FILE_INFO (Query File Stream Info), Samba does not return all streams associated with the file. The response consists of only one stream, which is the file data.

Does anyone know what might be going on here?

PS: On a side not, when I first enabled streams_xattr (true about streams_depot too), I was getting an NT_STATUS_NETWORK_BUSY from smbd which was also causing Windows to report an 'unexpected error'.

Upon some research I found this: https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7537 . Upon disableing kernel oplocks, this error was gone. I'm wondering if I could still have the kernel oplocks on and there's another way to solve it, since that bug is 2 years old.

UPDATE - I've a Macbook Pro running OS X Lion (10.7) with Windows filesharing turned on, and I see the same behavior on that too! .. apparently it uses Samba too

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