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I'm wondering if there's a graphical viewer, also it needs to support auto-reloading when log file has changed.

ksystemlog doesn't reload automatically.

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Do you mean that it should swing over to the new file when logrotate is called, as opposed to staying on the original fd? – Jodie C Oct 9 '12 at 23:22

Might it be the root-tail utility satisfies your needs?

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I'm usually happy with less +F log_file for monitoring events.

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tail -F log_file | xrootconsole
where -F is a shortcut for --follow=name --retry

You can also use conky, with the variable tail logfile lines (next_check) in .conkyrc. From the manpage:

Displays last N lines of supplied text file. The file is checked every 'next_check' update. If next_check is not supplied, Conky defaults to 2. Max of 30 lines can be displayed, or until the text buffer is filled.

Note that if you are using linux, tail -f actually waits for the kernel to notify that the file^Wdescriptor has been modified. Not sure about tail -F, but conky is a bit overbloat if you don't need anything else than reading a log file.

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