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I have sample.sh script in /u01/dump location. I'm running it from root.

My requirement is while running the sample.sh script it has to be login as oracle1 user using SU (super user) and display all files in /u02/dba/ directory.

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So I suggest using:

su -l oracle1

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It may be dirty hack but it will work :)

Modify /etc/passwd file by replacing /bin/sh tag of oracle1 user to ls and it's home directory to /u02/dba Also use su -l oracle1 in your sample.sh script.

So that, whenever you run script, the point where you changing user, it will show list of it's home directory.

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I liked that actually.. love those dirty hacks when they work :D – amyassin Oct 5 '12 at 9:22

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