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How to setup wine for networking?

Unless i have linux access to my windows network, i can't do wine discover the windows network. How to do it?, also wine hasnt cmd line utility so i can't use commands like net use, ping etc this is the question too.

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You can't: Wine only accesses the networking functionality from Linux.

You should mount your Windows shares using mount, then instruct Wine (using winecfg) to assign a drive letter for them.

The ping command is part of standard Linux install.

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Thanks for reply. I will try clear more the matter. My linux can see win network ping mount and so on. Question is to ping and use network command from wine. I wonder why wine internet browser avant can access the net (external in his case) and the other part of wine stuff not. – Yurij73 Oct 3 '12 at 19:45
Try this: wiki.winehq.org/… . If network only works in some apps, but not in others, you might have found a bug in Wine. – Renan Oct 3 '12 at 19:47

I never tried, but copy these binaries you need from your Windows installation to ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/ should work

But on the other hand, why wouldn't you try to find a replacement that runs natively in Linux?

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Just pointing: Wine has builtin cmd utility, however it is not fully functional. To run it, simply type

wine cmd
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