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Which Linux distribution would you recommend for preparing myself for LPIC and gain some experience in configuring the system?

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From Wikipedia:

The exams are distribution-neutral, requiring a general knowledge of Linux rather than specifics about a certain distribution. This is shown in the way that the exams deal with the differing package management formats .deb and .rpm. In earlier versions of the test one of these was chosen by the candidate; in the current version the candidate is expected to know both formats.

Thus, learning Red Hat (or CentOS, which is based upon Red Hat's source code) and Debian/Ubuntu should be enough.

However, looking beyond the certification, it's a good idea to have at least basic knowledge of other distros; in fact, trying your hand at Arch, Slackware, Gentoo or even LFS can be used to develop other useful skills.

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I passed LPIC-1 when I was still using Arch Linux, but in my opinion any Linux distribution will do. Anyway there are a few important topics (package managers and init scripts, for example) that require you to get your hands on distributions such as Debian/Ubuntu and Fedora. I used virtualization software as a solution. I don't know the requirements for LPIC-2 or LPIC-3, as I have yet to study for passing them.

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I would suggest LFS or Source Mage, since they don't hold your hand a lot. Overkill for this exam, but you said you wanted to get a feel for the system. :)

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Centos Enterprise Linux is usually recommended as it is redhat based.

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LPIC-1, for example, also require the candidate to know how to use the APT package manager, which is not used in Centos as far as I know. – Francesco Turco Oct 15 '12 at 20:23

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