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I am using unzip through putty and it works ok. However, using the same command through a .NET C# SSH library (Renci.SshNet) gives different results.

SshClient s = new SshClient("ssh_host", "ssh_port", "ssh_username", "ssh_password");
SshCommand c = s.RunCommand("unzip -o \"/home/parent/child/1.zip\ 1.txt"")

This same command through putty, extracts it in 'child', using this, the 1.txt ends up in 'parent'. The return result of the Sshcommand is the same as Putty's return :

Archive:  /home/parent/child/1.zip
extracting: 1.txt

Why is it extracting one level up? The only difference i can see is that i used cd to position myself to the directory (in Putty).

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Or use unzip's -d option to specify the directory to which to extract files.

SshCommand c = s.RunCommand("unzip -d /home/parent/child -o \"/home/parent/child/1.zip\ 1.txt"")
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+1 Any other advantages to using this? – JJ_Jason Sep 29 '12 at 18:39

Got it.

SshCommand c = s.RunCommand("cd /home/parent/child/ && unzip -o 1.zip 1.txt"))

Using this syntax i position my self to the folder and do the unzip.

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