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I'm wondering where is the config file of ibus stored? I checked ~/.config/ibus, and there's only a dbus socket. And no ~/.ibus folder available.

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strange. I have it in ~/.config directory on Fedora17 –  Serge Sep 29 '12 at 8:43
Try this command: find ~ -name ibus –  Serge Sep 29 '12 at 8:44
@Serge I only have a /root/.config/ibus/bus/5007c835ce187f9b2248e04c50670a64-unix-0, what you have? –  warl0ck Sep 29 '12 at 8:49
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IIRC ibus uses gconf to store its settings so you should be able to use either gconf-editor or gconftool (CLI) to get/set those settings.

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Not on Ubuntu 13.10... I can't find the "ibus" phrase in gconf-editor. Ubuntu 13.10 uses ibus version 1.5.3 –  Adam Ryczkowski Dec 12 '13 at 12:24
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