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I am installing an rpm package and it appears to be skipping certain files without giving me any notice as to what the issue is.

When I execute

rpm -ivh package_name.rpm

the rpm provides me with no indication that the installation failed.

After executing this, I verify the installation:

rpm -V package_name

And I see that some files are reported as missing missing /path/to/some/crucial/file

When I look into my / directory, I see that a few files were created which start with u2dtmp*. These are the files which do not get created.

I have attempted to remove old locks from my rpm installation and cleaned the database rpm --rebuilddb, but nothing seems to allow these files to be installed successfully.

This issue only appears on a single machine. It installs successfully on other linux machines which have the same os.

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For some unfathomable reason, rpm -V package complains on many freshly installe packages. Also, use rpm -U..., that will not just try to install the package but also delete old versions.

Why aren't you using yum? It is a frontend to rpm, automating many tasks. The yum-utils package contains package-cleanup, which helps getting rid of duplicates, leftovers from failed installations, and similar cruft.

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attempting the rpm upgrade [-U] didn't seem to resolve my issue. The reason I don't use yum is because it isn't installed, and I am lazy. [I know that it is a bad excuse, but oh well]. This seems like it is a genuine issue with rpm, mainly caused by an issue with my machine. – bogertron Jan 23 '13 at 16:54
Install yum then? – vonbrand Jan 23 '13 at 20:05
Oh, and exactly what packages are you trying to install, and what does the rpm -Uhv command say? – vonbrand Jan 23 '13 at 20:06
The packages are internal applications. The upgrade command doesnt really report anything of interest. [the only things which show are from scripts which i cant really show] – bogertron Feb 1 '13 at 22:22
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After some work a solution was found. Inside the rpm, a few dos2unix calls were made. A coworker of mine was able to determine that the verson of dos2unix that was installed had some issues.

After upgrading to the latest version, the u2dtmp* files disappeared.

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