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Im using ubuntu 12.04.

For c++, is there a functionality (or plugins that will provide this) in Geany which enables suggestion/hint list of all members of a class, also classes from a linked library? I mean like in Java, when you type dot(.) after an object instance variable, all of its members (methods and public variables are shown). This also applies when importing packages and classes.

For example in Java(using Eclipse):

Vector<Object> vec = new Vector<Object();
vec.[here after typing a dot(.), all public members of Vector are shown as hints]

or in Visual C++:

std::[here, a list of all members of std are shown]

I'd like to have this kind of feature in Geany because its hard to memorize the correct function or header names in C++.

Is there a functionality in Geany just like I mentioned above? Or any plugins to achieve this? I know there's autocompletion in Geany, but it only works when you already used or called that specific function/variable once.


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