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Catch 22: If I open my text editor without using sudo, I don't have permission to save any changes. If I open it with root privileges, any files I create are owned by root. I want to be able to create files that are owned by me (non-root user), and also edit files that require root access in the same session. Possible? Is this a Linux thing or a text editor setting?

I'm using Sublime Text 2.

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If you use sudoedit to edit your root-owned text files, then your editor will be running as you. Sudoedit works by making a temporary copy of the root-owned file(s), owned by you, and invoking your editor (chosen via $SUDO_EDITOR, $VISUAL, $EDITOR, or the sudoers config file) on it. When you quit the editor, it copies the temporary file(s) back if they're modified. Full details are in the man page.

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