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I have installed vim latex-suite. Whenever I type$$ to get inside math mode, as a side effect, it also highlights the last search term using /exp. What has caused this and how can I avoid this highlighting when I type $$ without affecting the functioning of latex-suite?

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The general opinion on #vim is that latexsuite is bloated and not a particularly good plugin. If you asked there they'd likely just tell you to get rid of it altogether. – jw013 Sep 15 '12 at 13:53
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This is not a direct answer but despite i hope it helps you.

If you want to use vim to write your latex documents latex-suite isn't recommended anylonger, at least from my perspective. There are several more comprehensive vim-scripts which handle this task a lot better.

It is worth to take a look at





In the case you want a lightweight environment and a fast learning progress you should try LaTeX-Box. The documentation is very legible and after a short period of time you know the important commands.

Automatic LaTeX Plugin

atp is everything in one at the expense of a rather steep learning curve and a bit bloated. The documentation is quite long and you need a bit of time for deeper insights.

Both scripts are at least a lot better maintained than latex-suite and have a mailing-list i.e. an issue tracker. So there is no need to stick with latex-suite anylonger.

That are only my two cents...

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