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I'm trying to run strace trough ccze, and the pipe doesn't work as expected.

The command-line I'm running to test is sudo strace -p $(pgrep apache2) | grep open, and all lines are output, ignoring grep.

Is there something special about strace that causes this behavior?

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strace prints its traces on standard error, not on standard output. That's because it's common to want to redirect the standard output of the program, but usually not a problem that strace's stderr and the program's stderr are mixed.

So you should redirect strace's stderr to stdout to be able to pipe it:

sudo strace -p $(pgrep apache2) 2>&1 | grep open

except that what you're really looking for is

sudo strace -p $(pgrep apache2) -e open
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it works!! thank you! - I wasn't actually trying to look only at open calls, I just put that as an example, what I'm really trying to do is color highlighting – Andrei Sep 15 '12 at 0:03

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