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After quitting elinks, the browser page history is lingering in my scrollback buffer, and therefore not returning to whatever was buffered on screen when I launched elinks.

Inside a GNU screen with altscreen enabled, this does not happen. But in any normal terminal session elinks stays in the buffer. I note that other terminal programs like Vim and lynx do not stay in the scrollback buffer, and instead return the buffer to its state at the time they were launched. I am not finding a configuration option in ELinks to ensure it switches to the alternate terminal, however.


Is there a configuration option to prevent ELinks sticking around in the scrollback buffer?


On a little further investigation, the scrollback problem occurs only in iTerm2 and Terminal.app on OSX. In an XTerm, ELinks does not modify the scrollback buffer.

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Have you tried the answers from this question? – Thor Sep 7 '12 at 15:57
@Thor Thanks but I'm not looking to clear the scrollback, just to prevent elinks from writing to it. – Michael Sep 7 '12 at 16:07

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