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I had installed on my computer as a dual-boot: Debian Squeeze and Windows XP, so I decided to install Windows 8 just to test and then I would remove it and install in its place Debian Wheezy as dual-boot with Windows XP, that was already installed.

During the Debian Wheezy installation, I deleted the Windows 8 partition to install Debian W. on its place. The problem is, that after the installation finished I rebooted the computer and on the grub menu was written: Debian Wheezy and Windows 8 (loader) - this Windows 8 (loader) is a boot manager as grub, and after the Win8 installation I was capable of choose between Win8 and WinXP. And when I select Windows 8 (loader) it says the Windows 8 is corrupted and is not possible to boot Windows XP. So, after that, I would like to know, how can I get Windows XP on the grub menu? Because I know its there (the Windows XP), but I can not boot it from grub.

Observation: I already tried update-grub, but it only finds Debian W. and Windows 8.

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I think the Windows 8 bootloader replaced the XP one. Linux can't directly load the XP kernel, it can only load the XP bootloader. So you have to get the XP bootloader back. This question requires Windows expertise, so I recommend that you flag for migration to Super User. –  Gilles Sep 6 '12 at 23:48

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