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It seems I accidentally removed dev-libs/mpc instead of media-sound/mpc. Now I can't compile anything (including a replacement dev-libs/mpc) because in doing so I apparently murdered GCC.

How does one fix something like this?

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There's a chance if your current linked library version matches the one in stage3 archives,

Download the current stage3 files, extract it, and copy the libmpc* to /usr/lib

(confirm all needed files with qlist command)

Then re-emerge dev-libs/mpc with emerge, which will replace the copied libmpc files.

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Thanks! I ended up discovering a thing called Tinderbox which is basically a binary repo (see my answer), and then the process was pretty much exactly as you describe to get a compiled version back :) – Mala Sep 6 '12 at 0:34

Phew, not so bad after all. Recording here for posterity, and for the next time I do this.

  1. edit make.conf, add the line: PORTAGE_BINHOST="http://tinderbox.dev.gentoo.org/default-linux/amd64/"
  2. sync the new repo: emerge --sync
  3. install binary version: emerge -av --binpkgonly --usepkgonly dev-libs/mpc
  4. compile source version: emerge -av dev-libs/mpc
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