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At this moment I have:

screen -p 'ScreenName' -x eval 'stuff '"'"$@"'"'\015'
echo eval 'stuff '"'"$@"'"'\015'

But when I call my script as:

# script.sh asd "asd" 'asd'

my arguments passed as: asd asd asd

and I get output:

eval stuff 'asd asd asd'\015

I except a: asd "asd" 'asd'

How I can change my script to pass whole arguments line with all quotes?

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Your shell is not passing the quotes through to the script. If you want to pass quotes, escape them with a backslash:

# ./script.sh asd \"asd\" \'asd\'
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It's not what I want, but anyway there are no other solutions (spent whole night searching). – Arthur Halma Sep 3 '12 at 6:50
sh -c "screen -x 'ScreenName' -X eval 'stuff \"$@\"\015'"
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