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I have Debian testing, I use XFCE. Recently, shortly after dist-upgrade, I noticed that XFCE terminal has some noise in it - especially near the end of long lines or when I use midnight commander. The noise looks like that:

I started using gnome-terminal instead and problem disappeared.

Now I noticed I have similar problem with GIMP - the toolbox contains noise instead of tools:

I can't even guess where should I start investigation. Is it problem with GIMP, XFCE, GTK, X, hardware? Or something else? I tried to start raw X, without any window manager (without Gnome, without XFCE etc) and problem is still the same - so I guess it's not X's fault.

What do you advice?

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I would guess your X graphics card driver. Which driver are you using? Which video card do you have? – derobert Sep 2 '12 at 11:00
Maybe broken libs, I've experienced similar stuff when librsvg is upgraded in Gentoo, and chromium got wired background image as well, try upgrade everything with apt-get update; apt-get upgrade first – warl0ck Sep 2 '12 at 11:39

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