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I want to access root user's home directory /root/. However following commands dont lead me to the root directory.

sudo -s

cd ~

It leads to the home dir of regular user. How to access /root when using sudo -s to login as root. I am using bash4 on ubuntu12.04.

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same question on stackoverflow: stackoverflow.com/q/12228559/7552 – glenn jackman Sep 1 '12 at 15:00
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sudo su - ###gets you to /root, as the root user.
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Simply use cd /root if you just want to go there :)

sudo -s may not update all environment variables so some aspects of your shell is still the old one. You can use sudo -i, or one of the methods described in How do I run a command as the system administrator (root).

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sudo su # proper user switch
cd # goes to $HOME by default
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