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I installed semanage onto my CentOS 6.2 box and I was going through my secure log after the install and noticed this entry:

Aug 31 22:12:17 xxxx groupadd[12929]: group added to /etc/group: name=cgred, GID=489
Aug 31 22:12:17 xxxx groupadd[12929]: group added to /etc/gshadow: name=cgred
Aug 31 22:12:17 xxxx groupadd[12929]: new group: name=cgred, GID=489

I couldn't find any info on the group cgred I did find this Arch Linux Wiki article about Control Groups, is that what this is?

Just looking for info to make sure I know what is going on with my box.

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This group is created by the libcgroup package, which is indeed an API for control groups.

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