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  1. Is there any particular command to find out what servers (like: apache2, mysql-server, backup-server etc) are running inside a dedicated server?

  2. If I will reboot my dedicated server will they all start automatically?

  3. What is the safe way of reboot a dedicated server with all its applications server running inside it?

Note: I am in a dedicated Debian server.

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"curl -I your-URL" will give you the output as, on which server the application s running. – user92748 Nov 25 '14 at 12:24
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I assume that application servers are using ports [Apache, Mysql do] If so you can use netstat -lepunt to find out the services running in your server.

If you want to know the services are started at boot time check for init scripts in /etc/init.d/.

Most of the time services like Apache and MySQL servers are started at boot time if they are installed using a package manager. If not you can create an init script to start them at the boot time.

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Please let me know the command with extension to safely reboot the dedicated server. – Subhransu Mishra Aug 30 '12 at 11:29
to reboot gracefully: shutdown -r now – cas Aug 30 '12 at 11:32

ps aux will also list all the processes running on the server. You can look for the related services there.

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htop gives a nice overview of the processes that are running and the resources that are in use.

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