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I need to alter my PATH variable so I put export PATH=$PATH:somedir in my $HOME/.profile which is sourced by my $HOME/.zshrc.

This works, yet whenever I open a new terminal (urxvt in X11), .zshrc and thus .profile is read, adding the :somedir to the PATH again.

In my day to day computer use, the terminal windows come and go a lot, so after three hours of usage the PATH variable contains hundreds of clones of the :somedir appendix.

How do I fix this? Is there a config file which is read by zsh only on login?

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From the zsh man page:

[...] Commands are then read from $ZDOTDIR/.zshenv. If the shell is a login shell, commands are read from /etc/zprofile and then $ZDOTDIR/.zprofile. Then, if the shell is interactive, commands are read from /etc/zshrc and then $ZDOTDIR/.zshrc. Finally, if the shell is a login shell, /etc/zlogin and $ZDOTDIR/.zlogin are read.

You should do your PATH changes in .zprofile (that could source .profile if you want), not in .zshrc.

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Much better than my own answer. Thank you. – Sardathrion Aug 30 '12 at 10:08

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