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I'm on a network which requires out-going traffic to pass through an http proxy.

I would like to connect to my remote VPN through the proxy, but am not sure how to do this. Any thoughts?

I am running Lubuntu with the "network-manager-vpnc" installed.

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Not all VPNs can go over a web proxy. I'm not familiar with Cisco VPN, I think it supports several transport mechanisms. How is your VPN set up? Please post the complete configuration apart from the IP address and authentication. – Gilles Aug 30 '12 at 23:46
man openvpn # and look at proxy settings – innocent-world Aug 29 '13 at 17:45

Read this how-to.

You can use openvpn with http, socks4 or socks5 proxy.

This is similarly to default launching, but specify proxy server, e.g.:

# openvpn --config config.file --http-proxy 3128

However, http proxy doesn't support UDP, probably you can do this only with TCP vpn.

But you can read about --socks-proxy, socks5 support UDP, may be this will be your choice.

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