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I was trying to install CentOS 6.3 via Windows Deployment Server. And to automate the installation process I used kickstart file in which i provided various details required during installation.Then i wanted that machine to serve as mysql server that can be only accessed via ssh or mysql process,so i wanted to give the firewall rules via iptables. I have verified that these are correct and tested on existing machine.So I gave these these rules in %post section of the kickstart file ....but i encounted the following error “can’t initialize iptables ‘filter’: Table does not exist” .I have also taken care of the chroot environment but still the problem persisted.

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You want to provide the following lines in the kickstart file:

firewall --enable --ssh --port=mysql:tcp

The %post section only does things during the installation process. You should let the install finish and reboot the machine and that firewall line should set the firewall rules for the box to allow only ssh and mysql (port 3306).

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