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I am using: SCO_SV scosysv 3.2 5.0.7 i386, and I am trying to download ssh and install it. But the only way I can do it, is by using FTP.

I have tried the following:

# ftp
ftp> ftp2.sco.com
?Invalid command

What am I supposed to do?

I have never used FTP before in any Linux machine. I have Googled it, and I looked at every entry on the first page, and that is all talking about downloading packages from FTP sites—no use.

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A very simple use of the ftp client would be to specify the server's hostname on the command line: ftp hostname. Then use ftp commands ls and cd [directory] to navigate in the server's directory structure and use get [file] to fetch the desired file.


  1. FTP servers usually allow login for anyone, provided you use the anonymous username.
  2. To connect to ftp2.sco.com specifically, you'll have to activate passive mode using -p option: ftp -p ftp2.sco.com.
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Here the list of cmds to download FILENAME from SITE_NAME:

write login info
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