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My situation is similar to the one described in How can I make flash fullscreen on an external display. I also have a laptop extended with a larger screen. Aside from KDE wildly resetting the screens relative positions (the xrandr's --left-of) every time I reboot (curiously enough, it remembers which screen is the main one), which I managed to override with putting small xrandr's command in .xsession, I have a bigger problem. Whenever I want some flash app to go fullscreen, it appears on the right side of the current screen (i.e. the one on which I clicked some flash fullscreen button). Always the right side, no matter which screen is left of the other one. The other side of the screen is black and also the other screen is unaffected in any way.

I would think it's just flash but fullscreen worked perfectly on the same setting with XFCE. Is there any known solution to this situation?

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