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I'm having big problems printing on a RICOH Aficio SP C240DN (a color laser printer). CUPS/OpenPrinting doesn't have a driver for exactly this printer. There are similar numbers but not 240DN.

It also seems there is no PPD file for this printer, as it doesn't accept PostScript at all. There are only so-called DDST and ICM drivers for Windows and Mac, but no PPD as opposed to slightly older models from RICOH (320DN for example). The technician at the company where I bought the printer said that DDST is a stripped-down version of PCL6.

The connection to the printer works, I can access the web interface for management, I can print test pages via buttons on the printer or via the web interface. If I try any other driver (320DN for example), the printer shows that it is receiving data, the spool on the computer is processing, and then it just thinks the job is finished and done but the printer does nothing.

I'm planning to return it, but was wondering if somebody could explain a bit about drivers (what is DDST?), and if somebody knows if there is any chance that such driver for Linux will be out in any time soon.

I'm actually ready to donate a small amount to somebody who would hack an open-source driver (for CUPS).

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The DDST is a GDI or Raster printer driver. It uses the computers hardware to RIP the data and send the Raster (Raw image data) to the printer. These printers do not accept PCL, PostScript or HPGL data. You must use the DDST driver for the printer to work.

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I have a RICOH Aficio SP 100, which is also a DDST printer. Try the driver I wrote for it. I'll update the driver if your C240DN will start printing in b/w mode at least.

Link (to SE): Ricoh Aficio SP 100su E

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First of all thanks! I've tried your driver with your driver on a Aficio SP C240DN but it doesn't seem to do anything. Can I provide you some debugging info just to see if there's a chance to make it work? Thanks a lot! –  Diego Herranz Jan 27 '14 at 20:25

Did you try with the driver model RICOH 220, that is perfectly recognised by Linux : you can see it on : http://www.openprinting.org/printer/Ricoh/Ricoh-Aficio_220

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Please give a little more explanation, and information. –  mtk Jan 10 '13 at 18:15

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