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Is there any way to use regular expression for movement in vim. For example, I want to move my cursor to the first occurrence of the pattern abc. So can I do something analogous to fa but now a character replaced by a pattern? And can I use regular expressions with t and f command?

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You can search with regex and the cursor will move to the start of the regex. Is this what you mean? – Sardathrion Aug 20 '12 at 7:10

As stated in a comment by Sardathrion, you can search to navigate. This is actually too useful in Vim to ignore. A few tips regarding search to navigate:

  • Use / to search forward, ? to search backward.
  • You may want to turn on incsearch so that Vim will jump to matches as you type. Hit Enter when you are at the location you want.
  • You may also want to turn on search highlight with hlsearch.
  • After arriving at the location you want, you can use nohlsearch to disable the highlight. It will be enabled again when you do the next search.
  • If you find yourself using lots of regex consider using \v ("very magic").
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