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I would like to install Rekonq 1.0 on Fedora 17, using KDE 4.8.5.

At the moment, this version of Rekonq isn't available in the repositories, I have version 0.9.2. Anyone knows how can I update my app?

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You can build it from the Fedora 18 source rpm here http://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org//packages/rekonq/1.0/1.fc18/src/rekonq-1.0-1.fc18.src.rpm

rpmbuild --rebuild rekonq-1.0-1.fc18.src.rpm

all the required dependencies are in the standard f17 repos (qca2-devel and qoauth-devel)

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I need kdelibs4-devel. Where I can download it? – Brallan Aguilar Aug 24 '12 at 6:27

You could build it yourself, using a SRPM (e.g. this one) as a starting point (just adapt it for rekonq 1.0).

Seems that Rekonq 1.0 will be avaliable on Fedora 18: the RPM for that might work but probably will have dependency problems.

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